Meet the Team

Joe Wise

Founder & Producer

Hey there! My name is Joe Wise. I am a husband to Katelin. I love all things water sports, South Carolina Gamecock athletics, and music. I am passionate about approaching the world with curiosity and wonder, and out of that, producing all kinds of experiences. From when I started drumming and recording myself on my Playskool robot tape recorder at age 5 to now, I've always had an extra love for music production. So, much of my background is in music. I studied it–along with business–in school, and have been involved with musical performance and songwriting for over a decade. Music is still at the core of what I produce, but over the years I have expanded into other types of production and design.

Hunter Glotz

Visual Design Specialist

Hi, I’m Hunter and my passion is creating stuff! My two loves are design and drums; they were merged in my life through album artwork on the records I loved growing up. I recognized the content of the cover, lyrics pages, and liner notes were nearly as important as the songs themselves. After years of musical pursuits, I chased down a degree in Media Arts & Design, where I was able to begin creating all sorts of designs across different media - whether on pixels or paper.